The TURDAY GS, s.r.o. Company is successfully operating in a challenging and highly competitive environment of the aviation industry, and is specializing in the deliveries of civil aeronautical products, repair, personnel training, operation, and maintenance. The complex offer of TURDAY GS, s.r.o., which was established in 2013, is supplemented with the repair, personnel training, operation, maintenance and deliveries of spare parts for the aviation industry.

A wide range of technology allows our demanding customers to deliver complex services in the supplies of aviation technology, together with the testing devices necessary for the operation, as well as for testing of technological parts and various safety-required devices. The dynamic development during its short history indicates that the Company is capable of meeting the most demanding requirements of its clients.

We offer our customers:

  • The high quality of our products, which are based on careful selection of our suppliers, and the proven quality;
  • The flexibility, reliability and readiness to address the needs of our customer requiring the “customized solutions”;
  • Stable background of our Company;
  • Services enhanced and improved in line with the requirements of our business partners.

The Company cooperates with foreign partners, such as PBS Aviation s.l. from Portugal in the area of ​​service and operation, and companies from Cyprus, Singapore, Canada and Russia in the area of deliveries of integral technology.

Personal security

Personal security is a supply solution that meets the highest requirements for person protection, for different levels and types of protection against firearms or cold weapons. All protection elements comply with GOST R 50744 95, NIJ Std 0106.00 and NIJ-Std-0101.04. Compliance with these standards gives us a guarantee of high quality and safety.

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